Bill Hicks in allen Ehren, aber es ist die absolut wütende Stimme von Denis Leary, die mich in Wochen wie dieser zur Ruhe kommen lässt.

I got good kids. I love my kids. I'm trying to bring 'em up the right way; I’m not spanking them. I find I don’t have to spank them. I find that waving the gun pretty much gets the same job done.
umleitung kommentierte am 16. Sep, 21:11:
it possible to get coffee flavoured coffee? 
shhhh entgegnete am 17. Sep, 09:23:
HA! Das ist neben
der "My Kids"-Passage eigentlich das beste auf der CD.

"... and you can't smoke in any of these coffee places. Can't smoke in Starbucks, can't smoke in Joes Bar, can't smoke in Dunkin', what the hell is this? I'm pretty sure that coffee was invented by guys who were sittin' around smokin' anyways, right? And they just wanted to drink something that would let them stay up late and smoke fucking more! That's my theory. Just ask me or Columbo, he'll back me up on this one. 'Peter Falk and Denis Leary walked into a Starbucks today and shot twenty-seven people, without any announcement whatsoever.'" AGB

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