Für Frau E.

Cousin Itt is a short hairy ball of hair that looks like a walking wig . He  has not cut his hair in 20 years. After having a bath Itt has to be very careful when he dries himself off because  he may shrink. Itt is very worried about the thought of himself losing his hair. He is really well liked by women and is often involved with some of them. He has his own language that consists of high-pitched gibberish that is only understood by the Adams's and some other people. He is noted for his good advice. Cousin Itt drives a car that resembles a BMW from the 1950's. People can often see Gomez and Morticia riding in the Ittmobile with their cousin. At one point in the show he had a summertime fling with Morticia's sister Ophelia. Because of Itts' love for partying they never got married.

Filmgesichter unbeabsichtigt nachstellen. AGB

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